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Published Articles

Apply analyst information to your situation before making marketing decisions

Published in Farm Journal in January, 2018

Now that the New Year has arrived, analysts are bound to come out of the woodwork to offer their opinions on what will happen to commodity prices in 2018. With so many opinions to choose from, which analyst should you heed? None of them, says Mike North of Platteville, Wis.-based Commodity Risk Management Group.

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Watch out for the train

Published in Progressive Dairyman on January 1, 2018

If you like old Westerns, then you are familiar with the popular scene where the heroine of the story is tied to the railroad tracks as a speeding locomotive races towards her peril. That scene aptly describes the scenario lingering in the dairy community. Many producers can identify with that seemingly helpless woman: No matter how hard they try, they are tied to a market that seems to leave them bound to the very same spot.

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U.S. dairy market at a crossroads

Published in Progressive Dairyman on August 7, 2017

The first quarter of 2017 could have been well described by Shakespeare when he penned the famous comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Prices raced higher into the opening days of the year, with thoughts of a production meltdown beginning to unfold in Europe and Oceania amid a growing movement to secure fat. As both production concerns faded and domestic inventories strengthened, prices fell away from February highs to test fall lows.

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